In order to be able to provide a comprehensive, well-informed and trustworthy care as possible throughout your pregnancy, I offer preventive medical examinations in my office. These can be carried out alternately with your gynecologist, will, of course, be subject to the same quality criteria and covered by the health insurance companies. On these occasions there is also plenty of time to provide help for small and big problems, to accompany you through your months, to enlighten and advise – because every pregnancy is different and requires individual care. Midwives therefore offer a counterbalance to the increasingly technically oriented care, which can also convey a great deal of uncertainty. Appointments can be arranged every day of the week from 8-10 am;  later I make my house visits. Wednesday is my preferred day, but I can be flexible. Furthermore, I offer prenatal classes as a crash course. They take place on a weekend (Saturday + Sunday) in small groups of max. 4 couples. In 3 hours each day you will learn everything important. Experienced women can get a short, intensive refresher from me as preparation for the birth – alone or with your partner, as required. Just ask me! You can also take part in the “Purchasing” and “Breastfeeding” appointments to optimize your purchases and to learn about the important aspects of breastfeeding. Us women will sit together and plan.


Unfortunately, I am currently not offering birth support as a midwife. Policy of the health insurance companies and the insurance companies against us midwives, which has now been aggravating for years, has led me to this step for reasons of cost. Maybe protesting and the hope of a better future helps …


After birth I can come to visit women who have given birth in the University Hospital Duesseldorf, possibly also to doctor’s visits. Unfortunately, I cannot offer this about the other hospitals in Duesseldorf. In most cases, the hospital stay amounts to three, and in the case of an Caesarean’s section, to five days. However, communication via modern media always makes it possible to get answers to urgent questions.


The day after the discharge, I will make the first house visit. This can also be at the weekend. During the visits, I will explain the baby’s navel care, body hygiene and weight gain, monitor the reconstruction of the uterus and, if necessary, perform blood tests with a possibly “yellow” child or low Hb (hemoglobin value) of the mother. Questions about breastfeeding or the handling of the baby will also be topics. These dates will take place daily in the beginning, then with breaks and finally on request once a week. So we will “step down” step by step until you no longer need my support or if you want to take other offers with me.


To address midwifery undersupply, I have added video consultation to my scope of services. Pregnancy and postpartum care can be followed via a privacy-protected video tool. In addition, I offer appointments in my practice. This offer is interesting for all those who I would otherwise refuse because of the distance, could not find a midwife for home visits, or find this option personally convenient for themselves

Postnatal classes: 

6-8 weeks after birth you can start with recovery gymnastics. You can take part in a course with me. Once a week from 6 pm to 7 pm, without the baby! I want you to concentrate on yourself and your body. Certainly there is someone who can take care of the baby at this time. The health insurance companies bear the costs.

Mothers of stillborn babies can join me for a separate course. You are cordially welcome!

Mother and Child Meeting:

In my office, coffee or tea and biscuits offer the opportunity to get to know other mothers – with or without experience – in a comfortable surrounding with your babies.


A baby-massage is the gentle, rhythmic stroking of your hands to the body, the feet and wrists, the fingers and toes of your baby. The light massage helps strengthen the bond and calms each other. For women with postnatal depression, it is also a way to get closer to the child. The father can also contribute by spending this time with the baby.

Complementary food: 

Learn more about food and feeding. Of course, the babies can be part of it.