Important News

My admission criteria briefly summarized:

  • I would like to point out again clearly, that I would like to consider only women for care, who have interest in my complete offer 
  • and live near my office. So that you are easy to reach on foot or by bike. This way you will get many contacts to exchange with other women in our district.
  • In order to counteract the undersupply of midwives, I have included video consultation hours in my scope of services. Pregnancy and postpartum care can be accompanied via a privacy-protected video tool. In addition, I offer appointments in my practice. This offer is interesting for all those who I would otherwise refuse because of the distance, could not find a midwife for home visits or find this option personally convenient.
  • Also your gynecologist will play a role, because unfortunately some medical colleagues are not interested in cooperation. A woman’s right to comprehensive counseling and care is enshrined in law. However, refusing this and thus lacking mutual appreciation is not a basis for a trusting relationship. It is worthwhile to think about this.
  • Unfortunately, I do not currently offer assisted births.

If you’re having trouble finding a midwife please check the links below for advice and tips:

Hebammenzentrale Düsseldorf (0211.69169111)