About me

I was born on the 17th of February in1959 in Mönchengladbach and grew up in Ratingen.


After I finished my profession as an receptionist in Düsseldorf, I went to Wuppertal to learn to be a midwife. My Exam was in 1979.




I worked at the hospitals in Krefeld and Hildesheim. In 1982 I decided to work as a self-employed midwife in Düsseldorf.



I delivered my patient´s babies in the hospital and at home.I want to thank Priv.-Doz. Dr.med. Boden, who took care of and trained me when I was a beginner. We had a successful collaboration for so many years.



In 1989, 1991 and 1994 my own daughters were born.


1996 I started to work at the University Clinic as a freelance employee.




It is a very important and satisfying work to be a midwife. I never wanted to do and to be something different. In the past, it was possible to help women during pregnancy, delivery and childbed “all inclusive” as a team.



However insurance and politics are working Against us, so I stopped to deliver a few years ago and concentrated my work on pregnancy, classes to teach parents and the visits at home when the child is born.





There is still a lot to do.