Self-employed midwife


On these pages I would like to introduce myself – so that you can get an insight into my office, work and myself alike. If you are interested in more information after reading, I would be pleased if you fill out the contact form and submit it. As soon as I have checked my capacities, you will receive an appointment offer by e-mail so that we can get to know each other in my office.

I  prefer long-term care over the “singly” aftercare, because it opens up many additional possibilities. So be curious …! And if we have got to know each other and you want my assistance, a faster communication via modern media will not be a problem.

However, please consider the following: In Düsseldorf and the surrounding area there is a lack of midwives and we all have plenty to do. Our websites are meaningful and informative – a decision about the choice of your midwife should therefore be made easier beforehand.

Please also consider the proximity of my office to your home; short paths facilitate cooperation on both sides.

Your health insurance pays only one preliminary talk! Consider this if you want to see different colleagues for getting to know each other and also tell us honestly, if you already had one preliminary talk with a midwife.

Last but not least: In all efforts to provide individual, cordial care, it is important to mention that there are, of course, occasional bottlenecks that require spontaneity and understanding from all parties, because babies can not be planned …

Every woman is entitled to midwifery care during pregnancy, at birth, in childbed, with breastfeeding and later abstinence. Even orphaned mothers can count on my support. The costs are borne by the health insurance companies.

And now, after these introductory words, enjoy browsing through this website